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Hair Portfolio and Lighting It

Lighting Hair

Lighting hair can be done in so many ways and you can find a lot of different tutorial on as well. Well I had a shoot this past week to work on a hair stylist portfolio Erik Satterfield and we had 4 different young ladies to work with.

Erik Satterfield - Hair Portolio -3214

I used 2 White V-Flats and A 36" Octobox as a main light and then 2 Einstein Lights behind the V-Flats in the direction of the cyc wall. One of my favorite reflectors to use is to use is a Eyelighter Reflector to get a good catch light in the eyes.

Erik Satterfield - Hair Portolio -3346

My camera equipment is a D800E and a Nikon 24-70mm and the setting around 125/F8 ISO 100. I used a AlienBees B800 with the 36" Octobox and 2 Einstein Light behind the V-Flats. Erik Satterfield - Hair Portolio --4 Erik Satterfield - Hair Portolio --6 Erik Satterfield - Hair Portolio -3242 Erik Satterfield - Hair Portolio -3257 Erik Satterfield - Hair Portolio -3362 Erik Satterfield - Hair Portolio -3511

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MAP Studios Hair, Makeup & Fashion

Hair, Makeup and Fashion

We have been busy doing different things in the studio and this week we have been doing things that are out of the box concepts in regards with hair and makeup. I worked with some amazing people this week that I haven't worked with in the past much but this week I had the opportunity to do so. Eric Satterfield is a Buckhead Stylist in Atlanta, GA. Eric, is another one of those people who think out of the box and are very creative, go check his work out. I also had the opportunity to work with an amazing women as well who is creative and passionate about everything she does and her name is Vanessa Henderson, a fashion designer who owns and runs Van Miller International by Vanessa Henderson. She supplied the dresses that she made and designed for the photo shoot we did on Wednesday the 24th with a gorgeous model Alex Chambers who is signed with Click Models of Atlanta. Alex is a up and coming model who has done runway and bridal shows along with an assortment of other modeling jobs.
My idea for this shoot was to do something that  is a bit out of the box of what we typically see, and be a bit more creative. So here are some ideas that I came up with, in conjunction with the people I worked with on this shoot.
[huge_it_portfolio id="3"]
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Family Portraits Tips & Tricks

Try to avoid bright colors  there is a small exception when it comes to doing a photo session in the fall. (they battle the subjects face for attention) and the camera will readily pick up the reflected light and render skin tone with a colour cast. Also try to avoid clothing containing logos, slogans, or other distractions. Then there is bold stripes, large designs and polka dots stand out and tend to draw attention from the portrait’s subject. Avoid short sleeved tops or shorts. When arms and legs are exposed and there’s lots of skin visible, it can be a distraction from the main focal point of the photo – the face. What to wear! Personally I like white long sleeved tops and blue jeans. This combination works very well with the white background. Black tops can also work well with a white background but this is a high contrast and leads to photographs with a very different style. Also consider wearing a top that has an interesting collar and/or sleeves. A top that has interesting textures (e.g. a sweater) can also add depth and richness to an image. If you will have more than one change of clothing for your session then consider bringing a variety of necklines, textures, colors, and undergarments to achieve a wide variety of looks. Stick to solids and subtle patterns. Accessories Simple and elegant is the advice when selecting jewellery for a portrait. The same applies for any other accessories that you wish to have included in your portrait. Ashley & Trey-5875  
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With the new studio being opened,

Now that the new studio has been opened for three weeks now we have been very busy. We have been doing all sorts of test shooting, and bringing in new clients. We have also been adding new items and props to the studio. A pool table is now there, and we installed corrugated metal on one of our walls for a fun backdrop to use. There are a few projects that are in the works, details are forthcoming. Please stay in touch because we have a lot going on here, things are always changing and progressing.
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A Portrait

There are so many ways to do a portrait from a drama head shot to a fashion headshot and everything in between. Well here is Ranae a starting out model from Atlanta, GA (North Metro Area) and we just wanted to get a few simple headshot. I was going for the fashion type of head shots because of her eyes and the confidence that she had when walking in the room. Here are a few pictures from yesterday. A 3 light setup with a Eyelighter Reflector just under her chest area. [caption id="attachment_403" align="alignnone" width="400"]Fashion Head Shot Fashion Headshot[/caption] Ranae's Test Shoot-1544-2 Ranae's Test Shoot-1548 Ranae's Test Shoot-1576 Ranae's Test Shoot-1577 Ranae's Test Shoot-1590
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Boudoir Photography – Helpful Do’s and Don’ts

Do have lingerie that fits you properly and don't wait until the last minute if shopping  for new items.

Do wear matching mail polish on fingers and toes or clear polish.

Do moisturize your skin in the morning (do not use moisturizer with sunscreen)

Do your hair the way you like it before arriving unless you booked pro makeup and hair.

Do bring a few outfits to be photographed in.  Extra stockings in case of a run.

Do use pantyhose instead of thigh high's for larger legs.  Large diamond fishnet pantyhose work great!

Do bring sexy high heels, thigh high boots also look awesome.  They can always be returned.

Do shave legs, underarms etc. the night before.  If waxing do so at least 48 hours ours in advance.

Do tan to get rid of tan lines at least two weeks in advance if its noticeable in your outfits.

Do bring a man's shirt and tie, guitar, helmet, jacket, surfboard, props etc.  Let's Be Creative!

Do bring enough outfits for  your session.  It's always better to have more than less.

Do bring some fun items like roller skates, funky hats, unique clothing or furry stuff.

Do stretch before you come in so you're as flexible as possible (extremely important).

Don't get a spray on tan, it can leave dark spots in your pores and usually leaves streaks on hand and feet.

Don't drink alcohol the night before since it is dehydrating and will show on your skin.

Don't wear any make up if you have booked a makeup artist.

Don't wear tight fitting clothing to your shoot because it will leave marks they can take hours to disappear, (example: tight bra straps: elastic waistband,; socks; tight panties; or even a watch is a no-no).

Don't be nervous or stressed (extremely important for great images!) and have a blast.

Don't wait to cut tags off lingerie, do this prior to save time.

MAP Studio Group, LLC 1130 N. Roberts Dr Kennesaw, GA 30144

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A girl and her motocycle

One of things I like about having a great big studio is that you can have a car or a motorcycle drive right in and park right in front of the cyc wall. Well anyways did a shoot for a local inspiring model and her motorcycle. She is a very sweet girl with a soft spoken voice that love riding her motorcycle. Here are a few pics from the shoot. Biker Chick Biker Chick-1390 Biker Chick-1419-2
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Highlighting Hair Shoot

This week at MAP Studio this week we had a local hairdresser here in Kennesaw who wanted to highlight the different styles of her hair extensions for her website. So the hairdresser had some of her friends and clients of hers come to the studio to do a little photo session. Photographers: Robert Rainbow & Paul Colombo
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Aria’s Cello Shoot

My shoot with Aria on Monday July 13. After talking with Aria over a few days on what type of photo shoot we should do, I learned that she had played the cello for about 16 years. Aria was forced to play the cello by her mother who wanted her children to be cultured, so Aria played the cello and did ballet. So I thought that I would come up with a concept of her playing on a cello that I had. I hope you like the results. Aria's Cello Shoot-026 Aria's Cello Shoot-059 Aria's Cello Shoot-117   Aria's Cello Shoot-177 Aria's Cello Shoot-184-2 Aria's Cello Shoot-204 Aria's Cello Shoot-207-2   Aria's Cello Shoot-196 [caption id="attachment_326" align="alignnone" width="267"]Bad Memories Bad Memories[/caption]   I want to thank Debra Adams our makeup artist for the day and standing in as the mom in the background for visual effects. [caption id="attachment_324" align="alignnone" width="267"]Debra Adams, MUA Debra Adams, MUA[/caption] Photography by Robert Rainbow Model was Aria Rewind  
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Mike Troutt visists MAP Studio.

It was my pleasure to host Mike Troutt to our new location last week and give him a tour and let him try out the new space for the first time with Shena Taire for a few photos.  The results were encouraging and we look forward to more and more improvements over the next couple of weeks.   Here are a couple of the behind the scenes photos I took.    As you can see the space is a very large one, the low key section of the studio is to Shena's right.   We are working on the dressing room with make up and hair stations, it will be private, with its own bathroom.   With it being 20 ft. by 12 ft. there will be plenty of room for your needs. DSC_6363_resize   6355_resize Photos and blog by: Paul Colombo
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Open House Success

Our first social event was a huge success. We got to see several new faces and show off our new studio in Kennesaw, GA.  If you missed it feel free to check our calendar and come to our next event, we hold free meetings once a month.  These free social events are open to models, aspiring models, and photographers. It's a great opportunity to network!  We hope to see you soon...   photographer: Bill Malone   imageimageimageimage
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A permanent home for MAP Studios

As some of you are aware we moved MAP workshops from the Goat Farm Arts Center to a transitional location in Southwest Atlanta . We are proud to announce that we have finally found the perfect place for our MAP Studio! The new location is in Kennesaw GA, about 25 miles north of Atlanta. Our new studio features over 3,200sq feet of space and lots of fun new features including a CYC wall, and plenty of backdrops to help you create just about anything. We will also have a beautifully decorated boudoir room, and a dressing room with a private bathroom attached. Robert Rainbow, the business owner and Paul Colombo his associate, have been hard at work putting all of the finishing touches on the new space. We would like to welcome you all to visit one of our Open House events that are held one Wednesday a month and take a look around for yourself. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with other professionals, we encourage both models and photographers to attend. Our first Open House will be held June 24th at 7pm, all that we ask is that you bring food or drink to share with others and also feel free to bring your camera. All other dates for Open Houses will be listed under our Calendar tab on our website- or they can also be found on our Meetup site along with any workshops we have scheduled. Thank you all for being a part of our journey, we can't wait to work with you and create something amazing! If you have any questions feel free to contact any of the the staff, their information is listed on our contact page on the website. Here are photos of our studio space coming together, the CYC wall, and our front lobby and kitchen area. 11637952_723633207762738_395692981_n 11647160_723633241096068_980165815_n 11647412_723633231096069_756115632_n 11650829_723633187762740_1730321194_n 11650897_723633197762739_885768037_n 11651001_723633211096071_110365118_n 11652243_723633237762735_1397331076_n 11655080_723633227762736_1769796432_n