Photo Shoot Packages
Any of the packages can be customized a little to fit your budget. We also have a payment plan for certain photo plans on customized packages. .  

I recommend that we do meet about what you want and what you expect so we can be on the same page when it comes to your photo shoot. This helps me to understand your vision and perhaps I could even add to it. Then we schedule a time and a place. I have portable background equipment suitable for indoor work should a background be needed, but most people prefer the intimate settings of their own home, or outdoor settings like a park. The choice is yours as I will travel anywhere within the Atlanta area.

What should I wear to my photoshoot?
I get asked this question a lot and so here are some suggestions regarding clothing and what to bring to the photo shoot. First I will start with some general suggestions and then go into a little more detail specific to the type of shoot you are considering:

What to avoid

Avoid bright yellows, reds and oranges (they battle the subjects face for attention) and the camera will readily pick up the reflected light and render skin tone with a colour cast.
Avoid clothing containing logos, slogans, or other distractions.
Bold stripes, large designs and polka dots stand out and tend to draw attention from the portrait’s subject.
Avoid short sleeved tops or shorts. When arms and legs are exposed and there’s lots of skin visible, it can be a distraction from the main focal point of the photo – the face.
What to wear!

I like white long sleeved tops and blue jeans. This combination works very well with the white background.
Black tops can also work well with a white background but this is a high contrast and leads to photographs with a very different style.
Also consider wearing a top that has an interesting collar and/or sleeves.
A top that has interesting textures (e.g. a sweater) can also add depth and richness to an image. If you will have more than one change of clothing for your session then consider bringing a variety of necklines, textures, colors, and undergarments to achieve a wide variety of looks.
Stick to solids and subtle patterns.

Simple and elegant is the advice when selecting jewellery for a portrait. The same applies for any other accessories that you wish to have included in your portrait.

What to bring?

A comb or brush and hair-spray if you use it.
A light face powder to reduce any shine on your face that may build up during your shoot.
For gents (or women who prefer not to wear much or any makeup), bring a lip balm. Dry lips don’t show well in photos and so a non-shiny, non-waxy, none coloured lip balm is essential. Avoid chap sticks, as they tend to leave a white residue.
If you normally wear makeup, bring it with you but avoid high gloss lipsticks or very shiny lip gloss. Often they look too unnatural and reflect too much light in photos.


Pregnancy / Maternity

There are lots of clothing options for a maternity portrait each can be used with different lighting and backdrop styles:

White blouse, with lacey cuffs with a few buttons fastened and your bump on show, this works really well with a white backdrop.
Cropped top and casual trousers/tracksuit bottoms in a dark colour; this can be effective with either a white or black backdrop. When using the black background moody lighting is used to add shadows and depth to your portrait.
Wearing some pretty lingerie. You can go for the bright and happy look, you looking beautiful and confident against a white background.
Nude, posed beautifully to show just what you want to show; relaxed, warm and comfortable.
Wrapped in a sheet, just below your bump. (White or black – to match the background).
Since your bump will be exposed, it is important that, for a couple of hours before the shoot, you don’t wear any tightly fitting clothes across it (we don’t want any marks left by waist bands etc), likewise for any other areas that are likely to be exposed.


Children, toddlers and babies

Little ones photograph best in simple clothing. White and pastels are classic choices.

Newborns and babies have gorgeous skin, and nothing shows off that natural, innocent soul like nakedness (or just a nappy). An added bonus for slightly older babies, is that eyes tend to stand out more when they are not overpowered by clothing.

A popular look for baby and children portraits is all white. This gives a clean and natural look to the images, and is a great way to create a classic portrait that captures the purity of childhood.

Don’t be afraid to put your baby or child in bold colours or prints. Although not generally recommend for an adult (or newborns), vivid colours on young children will result in a playful, lively portrait, especially primary colours like red, blue, and green.

If your child wears his Superman cape everyday, maybe you should let him wear it in a few pictures. Why not? You want pictures that capture that your little man really is, right? Besides, he may be much more willing to take other non-cape pictures afterwards. Props can be great addition, too, so consider bringing your child’s favourite book, stuffed animal or toy.


Single or Group photos –  Portrait, family or Single Person

Coordinate outfits. Everybody in the portrait should wear items that complement each other in style and colour. It is not necessary for all clothes to match, but they must make sense together. Choosing clothes with same or similar colours unifies the picture and keeps the focus on the people in the picture.

(Prices for groups up to 5 people)

It’s Very Important…….. To Be You & Have Fun!!!

Package A: $350 dollars 
60 minute shoot
2 outfits
One location
Proofing gallery
5 retouched images
Print Release

Package B: $425 Dollars
90 minute shoot
2 outfits
One Location
Proofing gallery
An 8×10 print
8 retouched Images
Print release

Package C: $550 Dollars
120 minute shoot
Unlimited Outfits
One Location
Proofing Gallery
10 retouched images
C.D. Or Flash Drive with a Print Release
Half Down is required to hold your spot
Other half is due upfront at shoot
First half is payable via Check, Credit Card or Paypal
Additional retouched images are $35 .
This applies to modeling portfolio developments, seniors, families, newborns, engagements, modeling, portraits, etc..

All Portrait Sessions There Is A %50 Minimum Payable When Booking Your Service.
Please tell me details about what you’re looking for and the location.

If you are wanting your event recorded outside Cobb County (North West Atlanta) I am available for out of town work. If your location is within driving distance (up to 3 hours away), a mileage charge will be calculated at $0.75 a mile. Both there and back. Mileage is figured from the Studio In Kennesaw, GA to your location.


Real Estate Photography

Ask About: Aerials photographies

Plain Pack: $175 (25 photos). (Typically this is a to 2,500sf home )
Photography by Robert Rainbow & MAP Studio, LLC +.
For small house, simple condos… Add $100 for Twilight shot

Bronze Pack: $225 (30 photos With Edits). (Typically this is a to 3,800sf home )
Photography by Robert Rainbow & MAP Studio, LLC +.
For small house, simple condos… Add $100 for Twilight shot.

Silver Pack: $300 (35 photos with edits). (Typically this is a to 5,000sf home )
Photography by Robert Rainbow & MAP Studio, LLC +.
For house, condominium, small hotel. Add $100 for Twilight shot.

Gold Pack (+Staging and twilight): $400 (40+/- photos with edits). (Typically this 5,000 sf Private Residence)
Photography by Robert Rainbow & MAP Studio, LLC +. For houses, condominium, small hotel. Include 1 twilight shot.

Pro Pack: $950 (50+/- photos).
Photography by Robert Rainbow & MAP Studio, LLC +. Best for houses or small to medium hotel with garden, view…
Includes panoramic, shots at 2 different times of the day (morning and Twilight), details and more: you can include stock
photos such as activities, views, animals, etc… to complete your marketing material.

HD Video of the house, 1 full day shooting (sunrise to sunset – Time Lapse): $2,200

Contracting us for a Photography + Video reportage of your property.

… and contact me for a global upgrade to professional standard images of your listing.

Possible Extras:
– $25 for extra per edit per photo
– Buy extra stock photos for $20 each local beaches, activities, animals…
– extra photos of the house $40 each.
– Video Slideshow (HD optimized for youtube and other video sites) with on screen information (subtitles like, the text is provided by the customer, include realtor logo): $100.

The Photographies are High resolution digital images, individually retouched and optimized, They’re delivered on a printed DVD, in Hi res as in web res (ready to easily be send by e-mail or share on social media).
All the photos are uploaded in a special gallery made for you so you can easily share them and also serves as an online backup for the customer.


Fitness Photography

Direct Contact For Custom Quote

Call for a custom quote at 678-870-4101 or email

Fitness Photography Prices

Stage Shots Before show $75 and after show $90

$400 – 60 Minutes Fitness Photography Package

Includes shoot time, setting and dressing
Up to as many as 2 changes
Includes low resolution copy of photos
5 edited high resolution images (print quality) quick turn around

50% non-refundable deposit required via cash or credit card prior to shoot.

 $750 – 2 Hours Fitness Photography Package

Includes shoot time, setting and dressing
Up to as many as 4 changes
Includes low resolution copy of photos
10 edited high resolution images (print quality)

$1200 – 3 Hours Fitness Photography Package

Includes shoot time, setting and dressing
Unlimited Looks
Includes low resolution copy of photos
15 edited high resolution images (print quality)

$1500 – 4 Hours Fitness Photography Package

Includes shoot time, setting and dressing
Unlimited Looks
Includes low resolution copy of photos
20 edited high resolution images (print quality) and (2)  8×10 Print

50% non-refundable deposit required via cash or credit card prior to shoot.

Confirm shoot time minimum 1 week prior to event/shoot date
Custom quotes and extended times negotiated with photographer

Edited Professional Fitness Photography High Resolution Photos (Print Quality)

$25 web quality 600 pixel length max
$50 high resolution print quality fitness photo

*** There may be a reschedule fee if we need change your fitness shoot time with no fault of MAP Studio, LLC.

 All images property of MAP Studio, LLC


 Contact us for Commercial Shoot packages.

We Do all kinds Commercial  Photography.

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