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Mike Troutt visists MAP Studio.

It was my pleasure to host Mike Troutt to our new location last week and give him a tour and let him try out the new space for the first time with Shena Taire for a few photos.  The results were encouraging and we look forward to more and more improvements over the next couple of weeks.   Here are a couple of the behind the scenes photos I took.    As you can see the space is a very large one, the low key section of the studio is to Shena’s right.   We are working on the dressing room with make up and hair stations, it will be private, with its own bathroom.   With it being 20 ft. by 12 ft. there will be plenty of room for your needs.




Photos and blog by: Paul Colombo

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Open House Success

Our first social event was a huge success. We got to see several new faces and show off our new studio in Kennesaw, GA.  If you missed it feel free to check our calendar and come to our next event, we hold free meetings once a month.  These free social events are open to models, aspiring models, and photographers. It’s a great opportunity to network!  We hope to see you soon…


photographer: Bill Malone


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A permanent home for MAP Studios

As some of you are aware we moved MAP workshops from the Goat Farm Arts Center to a transitional location in Southwest Atlanta . We are proud to announce that we have finally found the perfect place for our MAP Studio! The new location is in Kennesaw GA, about 25 miles north of Atlanta. Our new studio features over 3,200sq feet of space and lots of fun new features including a CYC wall, and plenty of backdrops to help you create just about anything. We will also have a beautifully decorated boudoir room, and a dressing room with a private bathroom attached. Robert Rainbow, the business owner and Paul Colombo his associate, have been hard at work putting all of the finishing touches on the new space.

We would like to welcome you all to visit one of our Open House events that are held one Wednesday a month and take a look around for yourself. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with other professionals, we encourage both models and photographers to attend. Our first Open House will be held June 24th at 7pm, all that we ask is that you bring food or drink to share with others and also feel free to bring your camera. All other dates for Open Houses will be listed under our Calendar tab on our website- or they can also be found on our Meetup site along with any workshops we have scheduled.

Thank you all for being a part of our journey, we can’t wait to work with you and create something amazing! If you have any questions feel free to contact any of the the staff, their information is listed on our contact page on the website.

Here are photos of our studio space coming together, the CYC wall, and our front lobby and kitchen area.

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